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Middleton Rail Trail Alliance (MiRTA)


The Middleton Rail Trail Alliance is dedicated to turning the old Essex Railroad that runs through Middleton from the Danvers border to the North Andover border into a multi-use trail to serve as both a recreational and alternative transportation resource for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities. The design of the rail trail will balance the needs of the users with any impacts on Middleton residents, historical & cultural resources, and the natural environment. The trail will benefit the community by providing recreational and economic opportunities, safer and healthier transportation choices, and community pride. (Adopted NOVEMBER 28, 2018)



Back in 2013 a group of Middleton residents got together to look into the
feasibility of building a Rail Trail on the old abandoned Essex Rail Road in Middleton. A plan was developed to have the trail run along the old rail bed from the Danvers line along Maple St to the town line at Sharpner’s Pond Road in North Andover.  The project was stalled for several years while Middleton Electric Light Department bought the lease rights from the Town of Danvers for the portion of the rail bed that runs from Danvers to Essex Street.  


In 2018 the Middleton Rail Trail Committee was revived by another group of residents who chose the name “Middleton Rail Trail Alliance, aka “MiRTA.” The MiRTA is composed of several members from the initial group with additional newer members.  MiRTA is now recognized as a 501c charitable organization. The goal of MiRTA is to develop a strong grassroots effort to build the Rail Trail with little monetary help from the Town of Middleton.  


MiRTA will be responsible for coordinating the project effort by:

  • planning for trail access, parking areas, and road crossings; 

  • creating rules governing use of the trail, amenities and signage; 

  • raising funds from private and public sources and securing publicly available funding as appropriate.


 Once the trail is developed MiRTA will: 

  • coordinate volunteer efforts for maintaining and improving the public resource; 

  • develop and maintain an annual budget and work plan. 

Officers of Middleton Rail Trail Alliance (MiRTA):


  • Rick Kassiotis   (President)


  • John LeBlanc    (Vice President)


  • Richard Gilman (Secretary)


  • Charlie Costigan (Treasurer)

  • Marty Emmick (Tech Officer)

  • Kerri Staffier (Fundraising Officer).



  • MiRTA currently has monthly meetings on the third or fourth Thursday of each month at 7 pm, at the Flint Library in Middleton.  The timing/frequency could change over time.

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