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Letter from Middleton Electric Light Department

Middleton Electric Light Department

197 North Main Street

Middleton, MA 01949

(978) 774-4313

The Middleton Electric Light Department (MELD) owns the leased rights to the stretch of the old rail bed from the Danvers/Middleton town line north to Essex Street with the right to construct, maintain and operate the Town’s electric distribution system.  The backbone of the electric system via sub-transmission circuits and distribution circuits are on this portion of the trail, and is considered critical infrastructure to MELD.

MELD trucks routinely drive this easement for line inspection, maintenance and repair.  Rail Trail segments may be posted as closed due to scheduled or unscheduled work by MELD.  Due to the nature of electric work, pedestrians will not be allowed to pass should the segment be posted as closed.

Postings will be put at both ends of the segment and indicate an approximate closing and re-opening time.  In the event of scheduled work, postings will be made and the website will be updated. Unscheduled work, such as storm related repairs, etc. may force closure without notice.  Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated while MELD continues to provide excellent reliability and customer service.

To report electric related emergencies, such as a tree or fallen limbs on the lines, broken equipment, etc., please contact MELD at (978) 774-4313.

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