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Middleton Rail Trail Sponsors 

Middleton Rail Trail Supporters

Achille Family

William Anderson

Matthew and Sherri Armitage 

Arizzi Chiropractic LLC

Bakunas Family

Marylou Barnes-Bartkiewicz

The Bicycle Shop of Topsfield

Blackbaud Giving Fund 

George Cumming

Freedman Financial

Claudia Rae Johnson

Leone Luciano

Linda Mahajan

John Mahoney

Rebecca Mandly

Marie Masse

McNally Family

Pike Messenger 

Middleton Cultural Council

Middleton Police Relief Association (Jim Kelly)

Ed & Donna Mullarkey

Katrina O'Leary

Greg & Abby Parsons

Kosta Prentakis

Sante Benedetto Co. (Michael Benedetto)

Andrew Sheehan

Tom Skinner

Linda and Charles Smith

Staffier Family

Pat and Paul Teague

Peter Vantine

Robert & Diane Wahl